Halo-Gen-Ex : The power behind the magic

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e: enquiries@halogenex.co.uk
– Est. 1946

Tower Productions have acquired Halogenex

Halogenex has been building its reputation as a reliable expert in both temporary electrical distribution and lighting for many at the UK’s most prestigious events.

We have become known for precision timing, attention to detail and a refreshingly flexible attitude to the differing demands each project brings.

For us an installation is both a science and an art. We carefully craft each set-up because we know it’s the things people don’t see that make all the difference. Whether that’s our uncompromising compliance to safety or the immaculate neatness of our cabling.

These values, combined with the experience gained from a long heritage instil confidence in our clients. Our team will get the job done efficiently and to the highest standard – every time.

Tower Productions will continue this fine tradition.